Digital transformation starts in the cloud

Whether it’s private, public or hybrid, the cloud’s elasticity, flexibility and ability to deliver business applications and data to anyone, anytime, anywhere make it the most important foundational element for a sound digital transformation strategy.

New possibilities in a connected world

Make a seamless journey to the cloud

Our specialists work with you to provide consultation and propose a flexible solution for your unique needs. We will help with cloud migration and minimise risks during transition.

Transcend your connectivity barriers

NTT Communications offers a complete network service portfolio which delivers next-generation networks ready for digital transformation.

Build resilience into your enterprise

NTT Communication Security Services covers the complete security lifecycle, offering a combination of professional services, solutions and managed services, designed to mitigate any risks.

Partner for strategic advantage

Our portfolio of managed IT services for one-stop, seamless IT management services (ITM) across an organization’s IT ecosystem, lets you be a strategic enabler of the business.

Build a secure and intelligent platform for IoT

With our established IoT, AI, and Business Innovation Offices, we are well-equipped to consult,build and manage your projects via a robust, secure and scalable platform.

Case Studies

Connecting Honda to its global supplier network via the cloud



Ensure smooth collaboration with suppliers spread around the globe and share large amounts design and technical data fast.

The Solution

NTT Communications helped Honda build a cloud-based Global Supplier Network (GSN) which would connect Honda to more than 10,000 suppliers.

The Benefit

GSN has helped to reduce overall operational costs for data transfer, including the costs incurred on the supplier side, by up to 30 percent.

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Case Studies

Cath Kidston achieves seamless IT transformation for retail stores in Japan

Case Studies

Takenaka establishes digital info-sharing platform via cloud

We raise you to the cloud, on your terms

Every digital transformation journey is unique and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will never work for our clients. At NTT Communications, our cloud services cover the entire cloud lifecycle, tailored to transform any organisation into a full-fledged cloud-native enterprise

Designing the right cloud strategy

Our consulting team audits the current ICT Infrastructure and design the most appropriate cloud strategy based on specific needs. Services also include a detailed financial analysis to justify the business case.

Migrating seamlessly to the cloud

Once the the business and technical case is approved, our specialists will provide a detailed migration plan to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.

Ensuring continuous operations and compliance

Our comprehensive support to ensure the reliability, performance and security of cloud operations. The Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provide insights for effective strategic planning.

We have forged strong ties with many international clients

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